What are retractable screens?


Unlike traditional fixed screens, retractable screens remain out of sight until you need them. They retract into a discreet housing when not in use - preserving your views as well as your home’s décor.

What are the screens made of?


There are several types of retractable screens available - for windows, doors and large openings. They all consist of the same four components - aluminum housings, slide bar and track and PVC coated fiberglass or polyester mesh - which makes them all extremely durable. There are lots of options for customization too. Explore our website for specific details.

Why should I choose a Phantom screen rather than one from your competitors?


It's quite simple - they're the best! We're not happy unless you're happy and we'll do everything we can to ensure your total satisfaction with our retractable screens. As a company, our sole focus is on retractable screens. That's why we're so good at what we do.   

And because we're so proud of our products, their quality and durability, we offer an industry leading lifetime warranty.

How long do the screens last?


The screens are made from extruded aluminum components and fiberglass or polyester mesh and are very durable. In fact, we're so sure of their long lives, we've created an industry leading Limited Lifetime Warranty to give you complete peace of mind. If they're well looked after and serviced regularly our screens will last many years.

Can I use these screens on my existing doors / windows? Or do they have to be on new construction


They can be used on both existing homes and new construction. Our screens are designed to blend with all types and styles of homes - whether contemporary or traditional. 

Will they fit my doors / windows?


For doors, there are retractable screens suitable for single in-swing and out-swing doors, double-French, sliding patio and oversized doors. You can choose retractable screens for all types of windows too - single or double hung, casement, awning, sliding or tilt & turn.
And retractable screens can also be used on large openings such as patios, lanais, porches and verandas.